Overlay Support For Xbox Streamers on Mixer

Right before Beam became Mixer one of the great advantages with the platform was the ability to stream directly from your Xbox with just a few clicks. Microsoft’s purchase of the company made this possible. Since this feature was added many console content creators have been wanting the ability to provide overlays and more customization to their streams. Well, there is now a new feature that will provide this segment of creators streaming from their Xbox to have stream overlays.

Lightstream Studio for Mixer

Mixer has announced a partnership with Lightstream which provides studio tools to content creators for their live streams. This specific partnership will allow console streamers to push their stream through their service and output overlays directly on their streams! The tools are very easy to use and provide many templates to start with.

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 12.03.40 AM.png

Aside from cool overlays you can also integrate with popular 3rd party applications like:

  • Streamlabs
  • Streamjar
  • Tipee Stream
  • Gawkbox
  • Loots
  • Player.me
  • MerchRoom

Mixer has bridged a gap with this partnership for creators that may not be able to afford a PC to build out overlays in the traditional manner. You can even control different scenes you may use during your stream on your smart phone by going mobile.golighstream.com during your stream.


Currently, these features are only available to Mixer partners and Pro members. To enable these features you just need to go into your Manage Account settings and enable the use of Lighstream for your channel.

Lighstream also provides great resources on how to get started here.

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