EA Play Conference 2018

Electronics Arts held their EA Play conference today and had a good amount of games to share. Not much came as a surprise as the two most anticipated games, Anthem and Battlefield V, were expected to have some showcase on their development. EA needed a good showing as they have come under fire for their use of loot box systems in their games and overall user experience with the company being perceived as “greedy”.

This year saw regular titles returning such as FIFA and more news on plans with Star Wars Battlefront 2. Fifa will be adding a more technical control system to its gameplay. As well, Battlefront will dive more into the Clone Wars in coming updates which seemed to be received well. They did apologize for the rocky start and hope that players will keep returning to the title with new updates they are working on.

They also did a soft launch, meaning the title is available today, for their sequel to Unravel. Unravel 2 is built around being a co-op player game. Let’s look at the two main titles though that were most anticipated during the EA Showcase.

Battlefield V

Starting off the showcase was Battlefield V showing of their new WWII first person. Running again on the frostbite engine showcased some very immersive gameplay. They are looking into adding a unique story mode into their campaign for single player. additionally, some new features being added to multiplayer that was mentioned was the ability to move around stationary armor. A more enhanced detectable environment is of course being implemented as well which is a staple of the Battlefield series.


Touching on the issues that plagued Battlefront 2, Battlefield did indicate that there would be no loot box system nor any type of premium pass that all future content will be included in the game. They also showed ground operations game mode which they indicated would be played across multiple maps and be very intense gameplay. Lastly, the final tease the provided was a Battle Royale mode would be coming to Battlefield V and they would have more to share on that before release in October.


With this being one of the most anticipated games at this E3 they had a lot of new things to show about the ambitious title. First, they wanted to make sure the story of the game played an important part in the immersive experience they are looking to create. From the start of the trailer the story had some good depth and potential to the world around you. The gods left and in their wake left behind the technology and structures that are being used in the world. The Dominon seems to be a major enemy mentioned in Anthem. They want to use the technology left behind for evil in the world and you are trying to put a stop to it. This led them to the phrase “Our World, Your Story.”

Shared World

The world in Anthem will be shared across all players. What this means is that they will day cycles, weather, and seasons all together. This is very interesting new take on the shared world experience as far as weather sequences. Generally how the co-op experience will work is that when you are in the open world you can get together with your team, but when you head back to the base this is where the single player story is experience and developed.

It reminded me of how Monster Hunter world was set up, but hopefully Anthem will have a much more refined system in dealing with co-op play and being able to develop the story in a personable way. The creators wanted to design a world that can be updated to continue the story building for years to come. This is a good sentiment to have, but hopefully can be realized. Hopefully, we dont have issue like there was with the Destiny “story”.


There will be 4 classes of the Javelin suits each having their own abilities and uses that the player can switch out of so you are not stuck with one class to play. You can adapt to the different situations of each mission.


The 4 types of Javelins are:

  • Ranger
  • Colossus
  • Interceptor
  • Storm

The javelins will be fully customizable with colors and even changing the geometry of the suits. Anthem will also feature the ability to purchase cosmetic items, but they did stress there will be no loot boxes. “You will be able to see what you are purchasing before you buy it”.

Release Date:

Anthem is scheduled to be released february 22, 2019. I am sure we will see much more of the game in the coming months! What were guys thoughts on the game and which class of Javelin are you most excited about?

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