Fallout 76 is getting a beta

Bethesda revealed more on their new installment in the Fallout series tonight at their E3 showcase. Fallout 76 will be fully online taking a drastic change to how the series has been in the past. Todd Howard who took the stage for the reveal stated that this new Fallout would be four times bigger in size than Fallout 4.

The engine has been updated for better weather dynamics and seeing multiple weather dynamics in different areas of the map at the same time. From the gameplay they showed everything seemed to run great. Then there is the new element of the game to look at….multiplayer.

Fallout Multiplayer

There are bound to be thousands of questions as this is a new take on the beloved franchise. One of the first issues Todd addressed was the fact that you can still experience the game solo and not have the online function on.

It will be interesting to learn if there are limitations to not playing online. You will be able to co-op up to 4 players in a group. Your character will also retain all your stats and progress wherever you go. Not much else was disclosed though on how it all works.

The map apparently contains nuclear missile silos that you can find keys to get in with your team or join up with others in the world to launch a nuclear missile and destroy an area.

From the video it seems this transforms areas to completely destroyed area that will spawn higher level enemies and better loot. Engaging with other players looked fun as well as shown in the video!

Pre-Order Fallout 76

At the end Todd announced that there would be a B.E.T.A (Break-it Early Test Application) that players can get in on. On their website it indicates you can get in the Beta by pre-ordering the game.

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