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Microsoft’s Press Conference: Only Time Will Tell If Their Focus on Games Will Pay Off

Leading up to E3 it was no secret that Microsoft had a lot on the line this year regarding games. In recent years, E3 for Microsoft has been all about separating themselves from the original Xbox One. Well, after successfully launching the Xbox One S, then the following year releasing Xbox One X, this was the year everyone expected them to lean into the game side of the equation.

EA Play Conference 2018

Electronics Arts held their EA Play conference today and had a good amount of games to share. Not much came as a surprise as the two most anticipated games, Anthem and Battlefield V, were expected to have some showcase on their development. EA needed a good showing as they

Overlay Support For Xbox Streamers on Mixer

Right before Beam became Mixer one of the great advantages with the platform was the ability to stream directly from your Xbox with just a few clicks. Microsoft’s purchase of the company made this possible. Since this feature was added many console content creators have been wanting