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Almost 10 years in the making, IngameAsylum has managed to develop and produce a one-of-a-kind experience where his viewers act as patients in a 4th wall-breaking videogame Asylum called the Ingame Asylum. Here, viewers are subjected to video gaming experiments where Dr. Ingame (the caster) regularly places his person inside the videogames he plays and acts improvises hilarious scenes that keep his viewers coming back for more.



The custom-built Unreal Engine 3D Asylum, its release-ARG, and immersive experience took the efforts of an 11 member team all headed by IngameAsylum over a 9 month period. IngameAsylum directed, wrote, coordinated, and produced the Asylum Project. Well known names in the industry such as Steve Jablonsky, known best for composing the music for Michael bay’s Transformer films; Jayson Miller, with 15 years experience in game development having worked on popular titles such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) as Sr Environmental Artist; and Cameron Kidd with 10+ years experience in Hollywood Post-VFX whose studio, DNEG, won an Academy Award for Best VFX in the film First Man all worked on the IngameAsylum Project.